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Children’s Gingerbread House Workshop

Children are invited to a Gingerbread House Workshop
Saturday, December 13th
3:30-5 pm
The children will have a fun time making gingerbread houses for Christmas!

Children’s Essential service to follow @ 5:15 pm
Little Church on the Lane
522 Moravian Lane: Fellowship Hall

Donations are welcome and proceeds to benefit A Child’s Place
sweets and treats will be served
Please RSVP by 12/6/14 to
Come celebrate the reason for the season


Fall Festival! Trunk or Treat

Please reserve the date of Saturday, October 25 for the Little Church on the Lane’s Fall Festival! Trunk or Treat will be from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. After Trunk or Treat, the Essential Service will be from 5:15 until 6:15. We will also be accepting donations to support local and foreign ministries such as Sierra Leone and Eastover Elementary. More information will be forth coming in the future weeks.

Greeting Card Image

Card Making Workshop

A Greeting Card Making Workshop will be held on Monday, May 12, from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall. Join us as we let our imaginations go wild! The cards you make can be donated to the Bethel Moravian Bookstore, or you can take them home. Join us for the fun!
If you have any questions, please call Helen Gulledge at 980-428-5080.
Hope to see you there!

hands circle

“Soap and a Note” Women’s Workshop

You and your friends are invited
“Soap and a Note” Women’s Workshop
Sunday Afternoon, May 4
2:00 until 4:00 pm
Little Church On The Lane Fellowship Hall

Workshop activity is packaging soap and writing encouraging notes to
Changed Choices friends.

Special Guest
Jan Harrison

Jan, a veteran Bible study leader, will share her passion for women to learn to apply God’s word to their everyday lives and to see what a difference it makes. Jan’s service to our Lord includes teaching “Women of the Word” Bible study group for 14 years, leading retreats and workshops, writing a book, and loving others through being a daughter, a sister, mother and grandmother.

Please bring a bar of soap and a blank note card with an envelope.

Paul, George, Derek

Old Salisbury RCC 2014 Chili Bowl Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Old Salisbury RCC 2014 Chili Bowl Cook-off held on Saturday, February 1, 2014, at Little Church On The Lane. 1st Place winner was George Fondren of Little Church, 2nd place winner was Paul Bradley and 3rd place winner was Derek Hoover – both of New Beginnings.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped raise $1500 for the Sierra Leone Ministry.



RCC Super Bowl Chili Challenge

RCC Super Bowl Chili Challenge Revised – 8 and a half x 14 — for pdf

It is finally here – time to see who has the ultimate chili!  The competition day for the Salisbury Road Church Council!

Let’s come together as a congregation once more and welcome the other churches in the Council to Little Church on the Lane – and while we are sharing information about Sierra Leone and the need for solar power, enjoy some chili and vote on your favorite.

It is sure to be a good time with food, fellowship and fun! Please come prepared to support the fundraiser for solar power in Sierra Leone – we will also have solar powered flashlights there for purchase, and one will be given away as a door prize to the lucky winner!

We look forward to having our top three chilies back to the regional competition, and if you would like to make your chili again, or didn’t get to make it the first time but are interested, please let me know – we would love to have the extra chili!

It is sure to be cold, so come warm up with some warm chili and fellowship – we look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday, February 1 from 3:00 to 5:00pm!!
(See the attached flyer at the top)

Kim Ellington
LCOL RCC  Representative

Chili Cook-Off

Little Church Chili Bowl and Sierra Leone Fund Raiser

Thank you to each and every one of you who were able to join us for the Chili Cook-off Luncheon on January 5. Whether you made chili, brought a topping or a side, or just ate, you participated and helped us to raise $189 toward the Sierra Leone missions.


Little Church will host the Old Salisbury Road RCC Chili Cook-off on Saturday, February 1, 2014, at 2pm  as our major fund-raiser for Sierra Leone that will involve all four churches in our RCC. Little Church finalists from the January 5 cook-off will be making an encore presentation of their chili recipes to compete alongside the finalists from the other three churches – it should be an amazing chili feast.

Who are those finalists you might ask? Congratulations to:

First Place: George Fondren’s “Alpha-Omega; Sweet & Sassy” chili; pot #1 with 32% of the votes
Second Place: Nancy & Elizabeth Rushing’s!”Chuck Norris Oatmeal – Fire in the Hole”; pot #9 with 17% of the votes
Third Place: Libby Von Fange’s “Home-Run” chili; pot #6 with 15% of the votes

Please put the RCC Cook-off on your calendars: Little Church on the Lane at 2:00pm, February 1.

Kim Ellington



Stewardship of Time

We have celebrated our Advent season with our usual services which brought many visitors to God’s House at 522 Moravian Lane. Many in our church family gave generously of their time to make God’s House welcoming in decoration and beauty of the season. Food was prepared to nourish the Lovefeast staff through all services. Strong backs carried coffee trays up and down the steps, in and out of the sanctuary. A loving set of hands sewed liners for the new bun baskets. Mugs cycled through the dishwasher under the watchful eyes of one of our members. Buns were delivered from Winston-Salem because someone gave of their time and vehicle. Members answered the call when asked to sign up and serve. The coffee was good. From beginning to the end, our church family gave of their time to welcome the community to God’s House to receive the message of Christ’s birth. It was a beautiful picture of generosity.

Our world says the Christmas season begins or ends with finishing our shopping and preparations. “Are you ready?” is the usual question from friends and strangers. At Little Church, we know Christmas happens in the hearts and souls of people during our Lovefeast and Candlelight services. It is written on the faces of those who attend. We are so blessed to receive our guests on Christmas Eve and watch peace and joy be born in faces lit with candlelight.

The stewardship of time is a choice richly rewarded. The Advent season bolsters our hope. Time given in bringing the truth of Christ is never wasted. It yields rewards unknown to man but visible to God. Remember the joy of serving our guests. Draw on it the entire year. Be encouraged.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and peace on earth to people He favors!”

—Luke 2:14 HCSV


LCOL Weekend Activities January 4 & 5, 2014

A couple of items you need to be aware of for this weekend.

On Saturday, January 4, at 9am we will gather in the sanctuary to remove and pack up the Christmas decorations. Many hands are needed to complete this task. The star will remain up until after January 6, Epiphany.

Beverly will have a hot breakfast Sunday, January 5, 2014, of egg casseroles, bacon and croissants.

Sunday, January 5, we observe Epiphany, Holy Communion with Rev. Wilson serving us, and Steve, Clair and Jeff sharing how God worked through them and in their lives during their visit to Sierra Leone.

The Chili Cook-off lunch is immediately following Worship Service Sunday, January 5. In addition to the chili, there will be salad with the fixings, beverage and desserts.

Join us as we fellowship and worship together.



Hanging of the Greens

On Saturday, December 7, the annual Hanging of the Greens will take place. Many hands are needed to help decorate the Sanctuary, Gathering Area, and outside the church. Join us from 9:00 am until noon. We need people to climb tall ladders to hang garland and wreaths in the Sanctuary, hang wreaths outside the church, steam bow streamers and attach bows to wreaths, along with other tasks.

The Children’s Gift Workshop is the same day from 10:00-noon, so parents this is something you can do while your children make gifts!

Fruit of the Spirit Bowl

Youth Sunday, November 17

The youth will lead the Worship Service on November 17. The children will lead us in a celebration of the Fruit of the Spirit through songs and testimonies about what they have learned about the Fruit of the Spirit. There will be a potluck luncheon for all following the service. We are asking each family to bring a fruit dessert for all to enjoy.

Sew and Craft November 5

If sewing or arts and crafts make you happy, join us on
November 5 to put together simple costumes for the
children both here at Little Church and Sierra Leone. The
costumes that Mrs. Maxwell’s class will wear at LCOL on
the First Sunday in Advent will be worn by Safie’s
Sunday School class in Sierra Leone. Shared scripts,
costumes, and a backdrop will make a strong connection
between the sister churches, especially as we are able to
watch each performance via video.
The more volunteers that we have, the quicker the
costumes will be completed! If you do not sew, please join
us anyway!
WHERE: Fellowship Hall
WHEN: November 5
TIME: 1:00 p.m. ~ 3:00 p.m.,
and 6:00 p.m. ~ 8:00 p.m.
RSVP: Sharon at 704-408-2590

November 3 Luncheon

On November 3, there will be a luncheon following worship to celebrate Pastor Steve’s ministry of 19 years here at Little Church on the Lane. The meal will be provided and the congregation can bring desserts.

Adult Bible Study 2

Adult Christian Education Classes and Life Groups

Little Church on the Lane has a history of small groups helping people to grow together as a church family while learning more about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In each group we urge people to fellowship together, pray for one another, learn from good teaching and serve one another in and out of the group. Thus each group becomes a way to experience life with other believers. Paul says to ”be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” Our life groups on Sunday morning and during the week help provide for our renewing.

You are invited to participate in one or more Life Groups. Those on Sunday morning begin at 9:45 a.m. with a breakfast at 9:00 a.m. There is a variety of groups with a variety of subjects available. If there are some who desire a particular subject or topic which is not being offered, please let the staff know and it can be started. Please review the descriptions of each class and choose a group to participate in. You may visit the various classes to help you decide. You are also invited to change classes in order to participate in a topic which interests you.

Adult Christian Education Classes meet on Sunday at 9:45am

The Alma Owen Class meets in the second room on the left down the hallway from the Gathering Area. Martha Caudill is the teacher of this class. The main theme for the Spring 2014 quarter is the fulfillment of scriptures through Jesus. This includes the covenant with David, Jesus triumphal entry, His trial and resurrection, and Jesus confrontation with the religious leaders. Passages come from the Old Testament, the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation. We welcome and encourage you to join us in discussing and sharing these.

The Conversation Class led by Richard Bohart meets in the first room down the hall from the Gathering Area (right beside the Alma Owen Room). This class has been together for many years and has a foundation of care for its members. The material used is the David C. Cook Sunday School material.

The Discipleship Class led by Phil Lambeth uses the David C. Cook materials—same as the Conversation Class.

The Fulp-Garwood Class led by Jeff Fulp and Barbara Garwood is studying the Book of Revelation. This class meets in the parlor of the office building. Join us in study and discussion to gain a better understanding of what God reveals to John about the events that lead up to the end of history, Jesus’ second coming, and the permanent establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth!

The Barnabas Class led by Bryon May and Jake Jacobs meets in the parlor of the Chapel. They are currently studying the “red words” in the Gospels.

Adult Sunday School class led by Paul and Joann Nabb studying the book of Amos. The study is from the IVP Press online services and all material can be downloaded from ivpress.com/bible/amos. This class meets in the classroom over the chapel.

Studies During the Week

Monday Afternoons

This class, The Women’s Life Group/Bible Study meets on Mondays at 1:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m., beginning September 16. The class meets off site at Queens Oaks Condos in the Oak Room on the first floor (2222 Selwyn Avenue). Mary Lou Davidson, a friend of Little Church on the Lane, will lead this class as they begin in Genesis as a road-map to the Scriptures. As God leads you through prayer, join us and bring your Bible! We will see what He has for us. If you are interested, please contact Jean Whipple at 704-376-1564 or email her at nandjwhip@earthlink.net.

Thursday Mornings 

Men’s Bible Study

Led by Rev.  Steve Wilson, the class meets in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30 a.m., enjoys a biscuit together and goes right into study. Currently they are studying the works of Andrew Murray.  All men in the congregation are invited.


Our First Year at Laurel Ridge Moravian Camp

“Camp was great! We made a name tag with a little tree stump, and we also went swimming in the lake. We made shepherd’s pouches, and grew [shaped sponges from] capsules in water. We made whistles out of tree branches. I also learned more about God and how He loves us. We went hiking to the Eastern Overlook and we read the 23 Psalm… “the Lord is my shepherd” and we said “I shall not want.”
— Jackson
“We made name tags out of little tree stumps. We grew capsules in water and we made whistles out of tree branches. We went to the Eastern Overlook, and we went swimming in the lake. We went hiking to the top of the mountain and we learned how to make a shepherd’s pouch and we learned about God. We learned some new songs.”
— Ryan
“Both boys came back from camp telling me about their experiences with their camp counselors, how they played flashlight games for a bit at night, and how they enjoyed spending time with new friends. Ryan was able to recite most of the 23 Psalm that they learned almost two weeks after they returned from camp!
- Kim


Congregation Luncheon September 15

Bring Your Best Covered Dish!
On Sunday, September 15, there will be a “Bring
Your Best Covered Dish” luncheon for the
congregation. This will follow the worship service.
The church will furnish baked ham, coffee, tea and
water. Come fellowship and enjoy all this
wonderful food!

DSC00318 (1280x799)

After Worship Refreshments Needs

After Worship Refreshments is Off and Running and Needs Your Support!
Make a Connection
There is a sign-up board in the gathering area to host after worship refreshments.  This is relatively painless and easy to do.  No cooking is required.  There is a blue lidded box in the storage room marked “After Worship Refreshments” with all the supplies needed. Cookies or treats and lemonade ready to mix will be in the box. Your job is to get a table to the lawn in front of the office. You can ask anyone to help, you don’t have to carry it by yourself. (If we need to be inside, the round table in the Gathering Area is used.) Mix up lemonade in the plastic drink dispenser, add a pitcher of ice, tray the cookies, and leave the worship service in time to load the table with the refreshments.  Afterwards, the table goes back to the fellowship hall, wash the dispenser, put away leftovers, and toss the trash. The whole idea is to keep this very simple so it is not a burden for anyone but an easy way to serve. If you want to provide special cookies, that is fine but certainly not required.
Make a connection with someone you would like to know.  Sign up as a family or partner with someone new. Little Church has the nicest people! Join us on the lawn.

Blue Ridge Mtn

Church Family Retreat

Your Board invites you to a church family retreat at the Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference and Retreat Center of the Moravian Church on the weekend of August 2-4. This retreat is for adults & kids. There will be programs for adults, youth & children, plus plenty of free time. Nursery staff will be there to care for kids of all ages during program time. For those who cannot spend the weekend, we invite you to bring a picnic lunch and join us for Worship. Lunch on Sunday will be on the campgrounds.

Come be part of the church family for a weekend or at least a day!

RESERVATIONS with a non-refundable deposit of $100 are needed by Wednesday, May 22, so we can reserve rooms. Balance will be due at a later date.

Call the church office (704.334.1381) to make your reservation and provide the following information by May 22 or complete this form which will be in the Sunday bulletin:

Name ________________________________________________

# Adults Attending _____________________________________

# Children Attending and ages ___________________________

Week-end Accommodations (rates are per person) & (Includes 2 nights, linens and all meals)

Accommodation choices:

Plan A: Single Occupancy w/private bath $200.00

Plan B: Double/Triple/Quad Occupancy w/private bath $150.00

Plan C: Single Occupancy w/semi-private bath $180

Plan D: Double/Triple Occupancy w/semi-private bath $130

Plan E: Children ages 5-18 in room w/parent $35

Children under 5—No charge

NOTE: No family will have to pay over $300.00. Little Church will pay the difference with families using Plan C and staying in the Bishop’s Wing with a semi-private bath so they can use 2 rooms at a reasonable cost.

I can’t attend for the full weekend, but will come up on Sunday.

Name: ______________________________________________

# Attending only Sunday: Adults________  Children _________

(Contact the Church office or a Board member if you have questions.)

Special Requirements (diet or physical) __________________________________

Singstude May 5, 2013

Join us on Sunday, May 5 at 4:00 p.m. in the sanctuary for a Moravian Singstude (sing-along) which is a service of singing and listening to music praising God. If you have a hymn suggestion, please let Gus or the church office know of the title. We appreciate and look forward to all suggestions but time may limit the number we’re able to include.

Beds For Kids Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry for local missions has been meeting and would like to invite you to participate in a new ministry.
It is beds for kids. The goal is to provide a bed and other essential furniture to every child and family in need in Charlotte. Volunteers can help prep furniture, move items, sort bed kits and categorize. You must be 15 or older to work in the warehouse.
You can also donate items such as mattresses, box springs, chairs, tables, lamps, etc., for a room.
We are arranging for a date in May to help. If you are interested, please call or email the church office.
Go to bedsforkids.org to get more information.


Alaska Seminary Fund Raiser Luncheon

DATE: March 3, 2013        TIME: 12:15pm

You are invited to a fund raiser lunch at Little Church On the Lane in the Fellowship Hall after Worship Service. Funds are being raised to purchase supplies for renovating Alaska Seminary in Bethel.

Menu: Homemade Moravian Chicken Pie, Moravian Slaw, Green Beans, Roll, and Beverage.

Bake Sale: Cakes, Pies, Cookies

Cost of the meal is a donation to help with purchase of supplies: Siding, Paint, Tables, Chairs, Mattresses.

Moravian missionaries began training “church helpers” in 1891 then in 1947 they built a seminary to serve as the educational arm of the Alaskan Moravian Church. Many Southern Province Moravians, including Little Church members have gone to Bethel Alaska over the years to help build and repair buildings in Bethel.

Last summer the seminary was reopened after having been closed for several years. Several work teams went to Bethel where they built a home for the pastor and did some painting and cleaning at the seminary. This summer, we hope to have as many as three teams going to Bethel to work on the seminary and the Dean’s house.

Sponsored by: Helen Gulledge & Outreach Ministry


Monthly Women’s Bible Study

Join us on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, at 10:30am in the church Fellowship Hall for  Bible Study and fellowship. Our study “Singing Our Faith: Moravian Hymns Through The Seasons” leads us through a study this month of hymn #795, “Come, Faithful Shepherd, Bind Me.”  We will learn to trust through dark times as we study Psalm 23, Matthew 14:22-33, 1 Timothy 4:9-10 and Romans 8:35-39.
Bring a sandwich or whatever you want to eat for lunch, we’ll provide the beverage, and join us for fellowship after our study. We will adjourn around 12:30pm, or you may leave after the study.



Valentine’s Dinner — 7:00 February 9, 2013

This Valentine’s Day, declare your love with a swoon-worthy meal. Sweep your sweetie off his or her feet with one of these tempting romantic menus, each of which includes a luxurious main course, side dishes, and a decadent dessert.

Contact any Little Church On The Lane Youth for reservations or you can contact Chaz by calling the church office (704-334-1381), or emailing him at chazjs@gmail.com.