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Sermon: The Path to Calvary – Jesus Is Our Peace – Rev. Jay Harbinson

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He gives us the kind of peace the world cannot give. Jesus paid the price for that peace on the cross on that Good Friday. It was done for us. Join us as The Rev. Jay Harbinson, retired Lutheran Pastor, takes us back to that day when God gave his one and only son to pay the price for our sins.


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The Path to Calvary – Jesus Is Our Passion – Pastor Rusty Rushing

On Palm Sunday, as Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem, the people cried ”Hosanna” which means save us. Jesus came to offer them peace and reconciliation with God. Their passion for Jesus turned to “crucify” because he wasn’t what they wanted.  Jesus Christ had a passion for us, a passion so great that he gave his life for us. Are you passionately in love with Jesus? Are you serving Him as He served you? Matt 21:1-11, Zachariah 9:9, Philippians 2:5-11

Join us each night this week for our Holy Week Scripture Readings as we follow Jesus from his entry into Jerusalem to his crucifixion on Good Friday…7pm in the Chapel.


Empty Tomb

Lent & Easter Schedule

Sunday, April 13, 11:00 a.m. Palm Sunday Worship:
We proclaim Jesus as Lord as He takes His rightful place as King.

Sunday, April 13, 7:00 p.m.
This is the first of our Holy Week services.
A lovefeast will be observed with the readings from the Passion Week manual.
These readings are all scripture as they tell us the accounts of Jesus’ last days.
(This will be held in the Chapel. If you wish to attend and need a nursery for this
and other services, please call the church office.)

Monday – Wednesday, April 14 – 16, 7:00 p.m.
In the Chapel – Each night there is prayer, a message of the day and the Passion Week Readings. These describe the events of the day for Jesus.

Maundy Thursday, April 17,  7:00 p.m. – Holy Communion
In the Chapel – This is the night Jesus spent His final hours with His disciples.
He broke bread and gave us the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
During the readings, we will partake of Holy Communion.

Good Friday, April 18,  7:00 p.m. – Tenebrae Service
In the Sanctuary – We come to hear the last accounts of Jesus’ life.
We listen and experience what happened as Jesus gives us the ultimate sacrifice.
We leave in silence waiting for the cry that He’s Alive!

Easter Sunday – April 20, 7:00 a.m. - Sunrise Service
We begin in the front of the church to hear “The Lord is Risen!”
The band leads us in singing as we begin our celebration. After the Easter liturgy, the service continues inside with a lovefeast.

8:15 a.m. Easter Breakfast
Following the Sunrise Service, everyone is invited for breakfast. This is for everyone to enjoy just as we do each Sunday. Breakfast will be served until 9:15 a.m. Fellowship time until 9:45 a.m.

9:45am – Sunday School Bible Study will be held from 9:45am  - 10:45am.

11:00 a.m. Easter Celebration Worship Service
We proclaim the life which is available to us through Christ’s death and resurrection.

The preparation and celebration remind us of God’s blessings through His gifts.
We hope you will take the time to realize how much you are blessed!


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Sermon – The Path to Calvary: Jesus Is Our Passover – Pastor Rusty Rushing

God created an exit for the Israelites out of Egypt, creating a family of people for him. The Feast of the Passover is a commemoration of this event, reminding the people of what God did for them in sparing their firstborn sons from death. God gave us an exit from our sins by sending his one and only son, Jesus, to be our sacrificial lamb. Jesus blood covers our sins and delivers us from the judgment we so deserve. We commemorate Jesus sacrifice and remember we are washed by the blood of the lamb through Holy Communion. May we never forget the price Jesus paid on the cross for us. Exodus 12:1-13, Exodus 4:22-23, 1 Peter 1:19 and 1 Corinthians 5:7



Sermon – The Path to Calvary: Jesus Is Our Provision – Pastor Rusty Rushing

God always provides exactly what we need. We need God more than anything and we need a restored relationship with Him. God provided Jesus as our provision to pay for the death we needed. As God sent a lamb to save Isaac, He sent Jesus to save us from our sins. May we live each day in the reality that Jesus is our provision. Genesis 22:1-14 & Romans 5:8-10.



Lent Turn Away From Sin

Sermon – The Path to Calvary – Jesus Is Our Promise – Pastor Rusty Rushing

Pastor Rusty begins our Lenten series today with ‘Jesus Is Our Promise.’ Jesus path to Calvary begins with our sin. We live in a world tainted and corrupted by sin. It is not the world God created. All hope is not lost – through God’s grace he provided a means for us to be restored. His son Jesus came to save us from our sins. Have you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, why not do it now and let Jesus walk with you through your pain and suffering. Genesis 3:1-15, Matthew 1:21-22 and John 3:16.



Sermon – Expiation – Rev. Tom Shelton

Rev. Tom Shelton, retired, brings our message today.
Expiation, The atonement for our sins, Romans 3:22-31 and Isaiah 53:4-6.
All of our happiness was bought with a price. Do you know the price Christ paid for you? Christ satisfied the need for our punishment by going to the cross that we should have died on. He was wounded for our transgressions. God loves us so much he gave his life for us.
What have you done for Christ? Have you been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb?


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Sermon – Special Delivery to the Church in Leodicea – Pastor Rusty Rushing

Text: Revelation 3:14-22 & John 10:10
Lukewarm Living
Today’s sermon concludes the Letters to the 7 Churches in Revelation. The church in Leodicea received the most stern condemnation of the 7 churches. They lacked compassion and Christ-centered works. They were spiritually poor and needed Jesus. They were living for self instead of living for Christ. Jesus was telling them to repent of their sin and turn to Jesus Christ in faith. Jesus was not happy with their lukewarm living but he loves them. Are you living to satisfy yourself or Jesus Christ? Are you producing souls for the kingdom? Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Are you willing to answer the door?


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Sermon – Special Delivery to the Church in Philadelphia – Pastor Rusty Rushing

Text: Revelation 3:7-13
Open Outreach
In His letter to the Church in Philadelphia Christ commends them for their faith and for standing firm as they are persecuted. Christ has opened a door of opportunity for them to reach out into the community to share the gospel, and no one can stand in their way or close the door. Are you standing firm on God’s word? How is God using you to share his gospel?


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Sermon – Special Delivery to the Church in Sardis – Pastor Rusty Rushing

Text: Revelation 3:1-6
Absent Authenticity
In His letter to the Church in Sardis Christ tells them they have an outstanding reputation, but their reputation is not what it appears to be. They are dwelling in their past glory, but in the present they are dead. They are encouraged to strengthen what life they have left and become active in the sight of God. In their complacency they have failed to represent Christ.  Christians bear Christ’s name so we must be authentic in our representation of him. If Jesus was writing a letter to you today, what would he say to you? Is your representation of Christ true?



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Sermon – Special Delivery To the Church in Thyatira – Pastor Rusty Rushing

Text: Revelation 2:18-29 & 1 Kings 16 – 21 (Jezebel’s story)
Morals Matter
In God’s letter to the 4th church, he commends the Church in Thyatira for their love, patience, dedication to service and reaching outside the church. He condemns them for idolatry and sexual immorality which go hand-in-hand. Jesus walks in purity and he expects us to imulate him by walking in purity. We have liberty by God’s grace, but we have limits. God always gives us a chance to repent, but if we refuse His judgment will come. Are you changing God’s word to suit you or are you letting His word change you? Do God’s words matter to you?


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Sermon – Special Delivery: To The Church In Pergamum – Pastor Rusty Rushing

Text: Revelation 2:12-17 & Numbers 22
Compromised Christianity
In God’s letter to the 3rd church, he commends the Church in Pergamum for holding fast to the name of Jesus Christ in the midst of evil. He condemns the church for compromising their Christianity. We live in a world not unlike Pergamum, yet Christ calls us to holiness and to be set apart from the world. Sin is real and deadly because it separates us from God. Are you standing on the Word of God alone by resisting the pressures of the world?



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Sermon – Special Delivery: To The Church in Smyrna – Pastor Rusty Rushing

The Church in Smyrna (Rev 2:8-11) was a church under unrelenting pressure and affliction yet they persevered in faith through their suffering. Our Lord, in his letter to the second church, commends them for maintaining their faith amid suffering. Christ stood firm in his faith as he faced persecution and death. He was willing to die for us. Will you stand firm in your faith under pressure? Are you willing to lay your life on the line for Jesus Christ? Join us as Pastor Rusty takes us through this letter and shares with us how we can stand firm in our faith under pressure.


chili bowl

RCC Super Bowl Chili Challenge

RCC Super Bowl Chili Challenge Revised – 8 and a half x 14 — for pdf

It is finally here – time to see who has the ultimate chili!  The competition day for the Salisbury Road Church Council!

Let’s come together as a congregation once more and welcome the other churches in the Council to Little Church on the Lane – and while we are sharing information about Sierra Leone and the need for solar power, enjoy some chili and vote on your favorite.

It is sure to be a good time with food, fellowship and fun! Please come prepared to support the fundraiser for solar power in Sierra Leone – we will also have solar powered flashlights there for purchase, and one will be given away as a door prize to the lucky winner!

We look forward to having our top three chilies back to the regional competition, and if you would like to make your chili again, or didn’t get to make it the first time but are interested, please let me know – we would love to have the extra chili!

It is sure to be cold, so come warm up with some warm chili and fellowship – we look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday, February 1 from 3:00 to 5:00pm!!
(See the attached flyer at the top)

Kim Ellington
LCOL RCC  Representative

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Sermon – Special Delivery to the Church in Ephesus – Lost Love – Pastor Rusty Rushing

2nd in an 8-part series: As we study the letter to the church in Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7), we can apply God’s words to our own church and our own life.  God walks with us and is in control. He knows our condition, our needs, our difficulties and what we have done. Remember your first love for Christ and that you are the light of the world, you are His messenger to witness to the lost and hurting. Christ and His mission must be central and drive all that we do. Are you in a love relationship with Christ and are you a bearer of his light, sharing his love with others?



Steve, Claire, Safia, Mohamen, Donna, Jeff 12142013

Sermon – Sierra Leone Ministry

Join us as Rev. Steve Wilson (retired), his wife Claire, and Jeff Fulp take us on their journey to the village of Ngiehun, Sierra Leone, West Africa. Listen to the sermon describing their experience in Sierra Leone and view the video at……. This is the village led by Moravian Missionary Rev. Mohamed and Safiatu Braima. The 2nd school building of the Moravian Secondary School was dedicated on December 14, 2013.

Solar Flashlight

Solar for Sierra Leone

Solar flashlights are available at Little Church.

  • Buy a solar flashlight for $20 and half of the proceeds will go to provide a solar system in Yiehun’s Moravian School.
  • Donate $10 and we will ship a flashlight to a villager.
  • Hybrid-Light flashlights recharge from any light source.
  • Get 8 hours of use from one charge.
  • The charge will hold for years – great for emergency storage because it never has battery corrosion.
  • If you purchase/donate a flashlight, please write “flashlight purchase/donation” on your check.

Hands of Jesus 2

Urban Ministry Center “Welcome Home” Kit

Urban Ministry’s Housing Works program will have moved a
total of 175 chronically homeless neighbors from the streets
and into permanent homes. And now we need your help. We
are looking for individuals, youth groups, families and others
to put together a Housing Works “Welcome Home” kit for each of our newest
tenants—the 45 clients moving in through the FUSE program.

Little Church is putting together a “Welcome Home” Kit consisting of the following items:
* Sets of dishes & cutlery
* Dish rack/drainer
* Pots & pans
* Broom, dustpan, mop, bucket & trash can
* Flashlight & batteries
* Light bulbs
* Extension cord(s)
* Can opener
* Food storage containers (Tupperware or Gladware)
* Laundry basket & clothes hangers
* Towels—bath & kitchen
* Shower curtain & hooks
* Pillows
* Cleaning supplies (All-Purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap)

Pick an item and bring it to the Church Office. (We will send periodic emails to let you know what items we have received.)

Chili Cook-Off

Little Church Chili Bowl and Sierra Leone Fund Raiser

Thank you to each and every one of you who were able to join us for the Chili Cook-off Luncheon on January 5. Whether you made chili, brought a topping or a side, or just ate, you participated and helped us to raise $189 toward the Sierra Leone missions.


Little Church will host the Old Salisbury Road RCC Chili Cook-off on Saturday, February 1, 2014, at 2pm  as our major fund-raiser for Sierra Leone that will involve all four churches in our RCC. Little Church finalists from the January 5 cook-off will be making an encore presentation of their chili recipes to compete alongside the finalists from the other three churches – it should be an amazing chili feast.

Who are those finalists you might ask? Congratulations to:

First Place: George Fondren’s “Alpha-Omega; Sweet & Sassy” chili; pot #1 with 32% of the votes
Second Place: Nancy & Elizabeth Rushing’s!”Chuck Norris Oatmeal – Fire in the Hole”; pot #9 with 17% of the votes
Third Place: Libby Von Fange’s “Home-Run” chili; pot #6 with 15% of the votes

Please put the RCC Cook-off on your calendars: Little Church on the Lane at 2:00pm, February 1.

Kim Ellington


Friend With God

Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Ministry

By joining forces with Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Ministry this Christmas, we’ve been part of a monumental effort to reach children, the invisible victims of crime. They now know that God sees them and loves them—thanks to people in Little Church on the Lane! You put smiles on faces of nine children and let them know that their earthly father had not forgotten them, and most importantly, their Heavenly Father!

A special thanks to the nine people who cheerfully bought gifts and wrapped them, and to all those who were willing, but we did not have any more names available. God bless all of you!

The gift delivery happened just before Christmas. Pastor Rusty Rushing, Libby Von Fange and Matt Jarrett delivered the gifts to the children. Matt was able to interpret at one home where the caregiver only knew Spanish. She was so blessed that she could speak in her language the heartfelt prayer requests. A special thank you to Matt! Pastor Rusty prayed with each family and shared the Gospel. An NIV Bible was given to each child and a loaf of Artisan bread to the caregiver. Hopefully next year more people can have the joy of delivering these gifts and seeing firsthand how they minister to the children and families.

Next year we will offer to do twenty names as we desire to trust God to be a blessing to children who have “long-suffering” herein Mecklenburg County!
— Libby Von Fange


Stewardship of Time

We have celebrated our Advent season with our usual services which brought many visitors to God’s House at 522 Moravian Lane. Many in our church family gave generously of their time to make God’s House welcoming in decoration and beauty of the season. Food was prepared to nourish the Lovefeast staff through all services. Strong backs carried coffee trays up and down the steps, in and out of the sanctuary. A loving set of hands sewed liners for the new bun baskets. Mugs cycled through the dishwasher under the watchful eyes of one of our members. Buns were delivered from Winston-Salem because someone gave of their time and vehicle. Members answered the call when asked to sign up and serve. The coffee was good. From beginning to the end, our church family gave of their time to welcome the community to God’s House to receive the message of Christ’s birth. It was a beautiful picture of generosity.

Our world says the Christmas season begins or ends with finishing our shopping and preparations. “Are you ready?” is the usual question from friends and strangers. At Little Church, we know Christmas happens in the hearts and souls of people during our Lovefeast and Candlelight services. It is written on the faces of those who attend. We are so blessed to receive our guests on Christmas Eve and watch peace and joy be born in faces lit with candlelight.

The stewardship of time is a choice richly rewarded. The Advent season bolsters our hope. Time given in bringing the truth of Christ is never wasted. It yields rewards unknown to man but visible to God. Remember the joy of serving our guests. Draw on it the entire year. Be encouraged.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and peace on earth to people He favors!”

—Luke 2:14 HCSV

Special  Delivery (699x460)

Sermon – Special Delivery From: The Son of Man

Pastor Rushing begins a new 8-week series from the Book of Revelation. Join us as we learn of God’s message to the 7 churches of Asia Minor and how this message applies to our church today. Today’s sermon is an introduction to the series as we begin with Rev 1:9-20. This series will lead us to experience more of what God is sharing with us. The intent is to involve us in God and put us on our knees in worship before Him, and set His word in motion in our lives so we can be the church He has called us to be. Is Christ central in your life? Do you allow Him to hold you in his right hand?



Unity Prayer Watch

The Unity Prayer Watch for the Southern Province of the Moravian Church goes from December 31 until January 18. Little Church is assigned January 1 from 4:00 p.m. until midnight. A sign-up sheet is located in the Gathering Area. Intercessory prayer is one of the most important things we can do as followers of Jesus Christ. You are urged to sign up for a time period of prayer. (There are prayer suggestion sheets in the Gathering Area with the sign-up sheet.)

God In In The Manger - Incarnation

Sermon – “God In In The Manger – Incarnation” by Pastor Rusty Rushing

Pastor Rusty concludes the Advent series as he examines ‘incarnation’. Christ chose to leave his glory in heaven to be born as a child and to become one of us so he could serve us. He showed us how to live in light of all we experience…our sorrow, pain, and heartache. We celebrate Christ incarnation that he poured himself out to become one of us so he could redeem us from the bondage of sin and recreate us into the people he desires us to be. Will you open your heart and let Christ recreate you into the person he wants you to be?Philippians 2:5-7 & John 2:14


DSC03362 (800x479)

Message from Mohamed & Safie Braima

We the brothers and sisters of the Moravian church in Sierra Leone extend our heartfelt greetings to all of you in the Moravian family.  We are happy to say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.
We had a wonderful dedication celebration and give God the glory for all that He is doing in the life of the people of Ngiehun luawa and Sierra Leone as a whole. We look forward to a glorious year and pray that God Almighty will continue to bless us all.
Many of you sent gifts to us for the dedication and we thank you for that.  All of you are praying for us and we do thank you for your prayers.  Many of you are contributing to this mission here in Sierra Leone and we thank you for your donation.  Many of you are working hard to see that the kingdom of God here in Sierra Leone continues and we thank you for that.  We do thank you all as you continue to pray and support us here in Sierra Leone.  May God bless us all.
Steve, Claire, Donna and Jeff have returned home from Sierra Leone.  We do thank you and the Almighty God for the time we had with them.  We hope more people will come next time around when we would have built the college.  Yes college.  All the people say we need the college.
We thank God for all you do.
God Bless!

God In In The Manger - Redemption

Sermon – “God Is In The Manger” – “Redemption” by Pastor Rusty Rushing

Pastor Rusty continues the Advent series as he examines ‘redemption’. Redemption is a concept at the heart of God’s plan to reconcile the world to himself. Jesus came to save humanity from the bondage of sin. We wait on Christ’s 2nd Advent when he comes in all power and glory to take us home to live with him for eternity. Judgment is coming. Will you be ready to go home with Jesus? A better day is coming. Place your eyes upon Jesus and let him into your heart. Luke 21:25-28 and Daniel 7.



Sermon – “God Is In The Manger” – “Mystery” by Pastor Rusty Rushing

Pastor Rusty continues the Advent series as he examines ‘mystery’. Mystery appears many times in the Bible. God is a mystery unless he reveals himself and his mysteries to you. The mystery in Christ is all that matters. The only mystery you need to focus on is the mystery of God in Christ Jesus. Hold dear to your faith, accept it and stand firm in it. Accept the mystery of God in Christ and all he has done for you. Colossians 2:1-4.


Christmas Lovefeast

Christmas Lovefeast & Candlelight Services

This year we will have our Congregational Christmas Lovefeast on December 15 at 7:00 p.m. This is a wonderful time to invite friends and family to a service of celebration welcoming our Lord’s birth. A nursery will be provided for this service.
The services on Christmas Eve will take place at 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 8:00 p.m. The 2:00 p.m. service is especially geared for children. Come early for a seat.
The 4:00 pm and 6:00 p.m. services are traditional services with the 8:00 p.m. service being in contemporary format and led by the Essential Team.

God Is In The Manger

Sermon – “God Is In The Manger” – “Waiting” by Pastor Rusty Rushing

Pastor Rusty is basing this 4-part Advent sermon series on “God Is In the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Waiting is an aspect of faith…waiting for the birth of Jesus, waiting for Jesus second coming, waiting for redemption from the power of sin. Jesus frees us from the sin that imprisons us. Our whole life is an advent of waiting in hope. Rev 21:15,  Phil 2:10-11. Rev 3:20, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Do you want to leave the door closed or will you open the door and let Christ into your life?


Train Up A Child

Sermon – “Train Up A Child” by Pastor Rusty Rushing

Join us today as our children (5th grade and under) teach us how to depend on the Holy Spirit…spend time with him and listen to him. Practice these things and spending time with Him will get better. Practice dependence on the Holy Spirit and patience will become easier. Pastor Rushing brings us the message from Proverbs 22:6, Deuteronomy 6:5-9, and Psalm 127:3. Children are a blessing and a gift from God. Parenting is an act of stewardship and as a church family, we are responsible for the children…to support them and teach them the love of God. We are to start our children in the way they are to go – the way of God – the knowledge of God, and to know His commandments.



Sermon – “Sent” by Pastor Rusty Rushing

Little Church on the Lane celebrated it’s 93rd Anniversary by reflecting on how God has prepared, and continues to prepare, his spiritual sons and daughters to be sent to proclaim his message of love, forgiveness and salvation. God’s mission continues through us. As we are sent into the field to share the Gospel, Jesus can save the world. John 20:19-23, John 3:16-17, Genesis 2:7, 1 Kings 17:21, Ezekiel 37:9  NOTE: Please stay with us through some brief silent pauses in the recording.


Children & Youth SS

Sermon – Seeking God’s Direction by Rev. Steve Wilson

Celebrating 19 years of service, 1994 – 2013, Rev. Steve Wilson reflects on where God has moved our church and encourages us to continue observing the Holy Spirit moving in our life. Acts 2:42, John 14:23, Rom 8:9-11, John 15:1-8. We apologize for the static in the recording, but you can hear the message. www.littlechurchonthelane.com/audio/2013.11.03.mp3

Hands of Jesus 2

Sermon – Ambassadors of Reconciliation by Chaz Snider

Are you willing to be the hands and feet of Christ? That is what an ambassador of Christ is. You have been given authority by God to represent Christ on earth. You have the task of telling people about the most important news ever told. We are the body of Christ, his hand and his feet. 2 Cor 5:16-21.



Sermon – Sharing Your Faith by Rev. Steve Wilson

We are to be witnesses of what Christ has done through us. We are to tell the lessons we have learned and share the good news. Are you ready to represent Christ by sharing the Good News through your story? Acts 1:8



The Church Ephesian Style

Sermon – A Mission Given

What is the mission God has given you? Will you be remembered as an ambassador of Christ, opening doors for the lost to enter His Kingdom? Are you ready to find new life with God and have life eternal? 2 Corinthians 5:17-21



Sermon – Living As A Servant

God has provided us a calling to use our gifts and talents, and to be His servants. We see God moving when we serve. Jesus reveals how we should serve in Phil 2:6-8, and in Phil 2:2-4 He reveals the qualities of being a servant. God relies on us to help him make a difference in the lives of others. Are you a willing servant of God?


Friend With God

Sermon – Friends With God

Friendship with God is sharing all your life experiences with Him. Recommit and surrender yourself to God every day. We have access to God through the Holy Spirit. Practice the presence of God this week. John 15:15



Sermon – Growing a Relationship with God – Rev. Steve Wilson

Luke 15:1-10 shows us Kingdom building. God wants us to be with him every day. Are fear and pride preventing you from grasping God’s hand and following him? God’s love cast out fear and pride. Surrendering to God frees you to do God’s will and brings out the best in you. Open your life to God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Phil 4:13 – we can do everything through God.


Children & Youth SS

Children and Youth Christian Education Classes

Children and Youth Christian Education Classes meet on Sunday at 9:45am

The class for 3 to 5 year olds is led by Vickie Raefield. What a wonderful way for your child to know the ways of Jesus and to see him through the love given by these teachers! This class meets in the last room of the Parker Building at 9:45 a.m.

The class for 2nd through 3rd grade is led by Valerie Kight and assisted by Gidget Landgraf and Kim Ellington. *Please see the information about the Adult Sunday School Class led by Gene Kimel for the fall study.

The class for the 4th and 5th grades is led by Dot Maxwell. The class leads the children to a faith decision and nurtures them as believers in Jesus Christ. After a period of time, this class becomes the confirmation class. They meet in the classroom connected to the Gathering Area. Students in this class are well on their way to participation in the church life and will remain in worship for the entire service. There is no Children’s Church for them as they remain in worship as part of their class. 

The Middle School Sunday School class (6th-8th grades), is led by Chaz Snider in the second room in The Attic. They are studying God’s story to save us throughout all of scripture, focusing on God’s love which is present from Genesis to Revelation.

A nursery is provided for children up to age 3. Miss Sheryn and Miss Vicki take care of these little ones. The rooms are the first and second classes in the Parker Building 

Adult Bible Study 2

Adult Christian Education Classes and Life Groups

Little Church on the Lane has a history of small groups helping people to grow together as a church family while learning more about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In each group we urge people to fellowship together, pray for one another, learn from good teaching and serve one another in and out of the group. Thus each group becomes a way to experience life with other believers. Paul says to ”be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” Our life groups on Sunday morning and during the week help provide for our renewing.

You are invited to participate in one or more Life Groups. Those on Sunday morning begin at 9:45 a.m. with a breakfast at 9:00 a.m. There is a variety of groups with a variety of subjects available. If there are some who desire a particular subject or topic which is not being offered, please let the staff know and it can be started. Please review the descriptions of each class and choose a group to participate in. You may visit the various classes to help you decide. You are also invited to change classes in order to participate in a topic which interests you.

Adult Christian Education Classes meet on Sunday at 9:45am

The Alma Owen Class meets in the second room on the left down the hallway from the Gathering Area. Martha Caudill is the teacher of this class. The main theme for the Spring 2014 quarter is the fulfillment of scriptures through Jesus. This includes the covenant with David, Jesus triumphal entry, His trial and resurrection, and Jesus confrontation with the religious leaders. Passages come from the Old Testament, the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation. We welcome and encourage you to join us in discussing and sharing these.

The Conversation Class led by Richard Bohart meets in the first room down the hall from the Gathering Area (right beside the Alma Owen Room). This class has been together for many years and has a foundation of care for its members. The material used is the David C. Cook Sunday School material.

The Discipleship Class led by Phil Lambeth uses the David C. Cook materials—same as the Conversation Class.

The Fulp-Garwood Class led by Jeff Fulp and Barbara Garwood is studying the Book of Revelation. This class meets in the parlor of the office building. Join us in study and discussion to gain a better understanding of what God reveals to John about the events that lead up to the end of history, Jesus’ second coming, and the permanent establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth!

The Barnabas Class led by Bryon May and Jake Jacobs meets in the parlor of the Chapel. They are currently studying the “red words” in the Gospels.

Adult Sunday School class led by Paul and Joann Nabb studying the book of Amos. The study is from the IVP Press online services and all material can be downloaded from ivpress.com/bible/amos. This class meets in the classroom over the chapel.

Studies During the Week

Monday Afternoons

This class, The Women’s Life Group/Bible Study meets on Mondays at 1:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m., beginning September 16. The class meets off site at Queens Oaks Condos in the Oak Room on the first floor (2222 Selwyn Avenue). Mary Lou Davidson, a friend of Little Church on the Lane, will lead this class as they begin in Genesis as a road-map to the Scriptures. As God leads you through prayer, join us and bring your Bible! We will see what He has for us. If you are interested, please contact Jean Whipple at 704-376-1564 or email her at nandjwhip@earthlink.net.

Thursday Mornings 

Men’s Bible Study

Led by Rev.  Steve Wilson, the class meets in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30 a.m., enjoys a biscuit together and goes right into study. Currently they are studying the works of Andrew Murray.  All men in the congregation are invited.

God is Love

Sermon – Loving Our Daddy – Rev. Steve Wilson

Do you recognize when God is moving in your life? Matthew 7:9-11 tells us if we ask God will give us gifts greater than we can imagine. Is your relationship with God strong enough for you to obey him completely as Noah did in Gen 6:9-22? Is your heart filled with the love of God?



Sermon – Are We Asking Big Enough – Rev. Steve Wilson

In Judges 7 we see Gideon’s faith tested, but he gives God the opportunity to show His power and strength. Are you willing to allow God to show you His power and strength? When was the last time you experienced the hand of God? Matt 17:19-21 – Are you caught up in God or in your stuff: Try God and see what happens in your life. NOTE: There is a 30 sec pause after the message begins.


flipping coin

Sermon – Are You Flipping Coins? – Rev Steve Wilson

God Light

Sermon – Is Your Light Visible? – Rev. Steve Wilson

God shows us who he is by the brightness of his light. Jesus left us his Holy Spirit (His light within us). You are the light of the world. Is your light shining so the people can see God through your deeds? Love One Another as Jesus has loved you. Is your light visible where you are? John 9:5, Matt 5:14-16, Luke 12:49-56.



Sermon – Gathered and Scattered – Rusty Rushing

Join us as we celebrate the Spiritual Birth of the Renewed Moravian Church with Holy Communion. Rusty Rushing, graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, shares how God moved among the early Moravians and how the Holy Spirit descended on this small gathering of Christians to renew their faith and spread the gospel. We have a charge, responsibility and privilege to share the gospel and our story of personal renewal in Christ. Where and how is the Holy Spirit moving you to share the gift you have been given?



Sermon – Testimony & Hymns – Jeff Fulp & Lynne Hiltz

Jeff Fulp and Lynne Hiltz lead us in worship today as Pastor Wilson and church members attend the church retreat at Laurel Ridge Camp & Conference Center in Laurel Springs, NC, this weekend. Jeff shares his experience on a 5-hour flight to China and his witness to a young girl sitting beside him as he was reading “Forgotten God” by Frances Chan. Lynne shares the history of Moravian hymns prior to the congregation joining in singing them.



Growing a Church or Growing a Kingdom? by Rev Steve Wilson

God loves you and He has shown His love to you through His son Jesus Christ. That is a promise you can hold on to. Are you following Jesus half way, or following Him all the way as He wants you to? It is our responsibility to share with others the great gift of Grace that God has given to us. Are you concerned about the soul sitting next to you? Open yur heart to see the hearts of others who need the Word of God. Matthew 10, John 4:28-34, Matthew 9:35-38.



Sermon – Radical Faith by Rev. Steve Wilson

We are encouraged to live our life through our faith. What is Faith? What does Jesus Christ want us to do? Listen to Rev. Wilson as he explains through the following scriptures: Matt 28:18-20, Phil 1:29, Matt 10:17-23, Matt 10:38-39, Matt 9:37-38, John 15:4, and John 14:23.



Sermon – Grace in the Old Testament: Grace In The Garden Part 2 by Rusty Rushing

“Grace in the Old Testament” 3-part sermon series by Rusty Rushing concludes this week with Genesis 3. Sin separates us from God, just as it separated Adam & Eve, who tried to cover their sin with fig leaves. God extends grace to all of humanity even in their failure. Breaking the covenant with God results in curses rather than blessings. God extended his grace to Adam & Eve by clothing them from the first sacrifice. We are clothed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15.


The Church Ephesian Style

Sermon – Grace In The Old Testament: Grace in Creation by Rusty Rushing

“Grace in the Old Testament” begins a 3-part sermon series by Rusty Rushing. This week we see God’s grace in creation – Genesis 1:1-2:9. God’s love and grace is shown in His creation of the universe and in His creation of man. Celebrate renewed appreciation that God is a God of grace (grace – unmerited favor from God). Are you ready to enter into the eternal dance of love with God?