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Sermon- God is Revealed by Steve Wilson

Sermon- Strength in Weakness

Sermon- The Fullness of the Gift by Steve Wilson

Sermon- A Place of Blessing by Steve Wilson


Sermon – “Jesus Still Lead On”: Being Moravian 2.0 – Rev. Steve Wilson

Using John 20:19-23, Rev. Wilson shows us how fear can keep us from growing the Kingdom of God. We must hold fast to the peace that only Christ can bring and step out in boldness and faith to grow the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us and to be with us, giving us the words to say when we don’t know what to say. What are you doing to grow the Kingdom of God? It is time to write a new chapter at Little Church through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Let’s join together and step out in faith to take the Word of God to a hurting world and grow His Kingdom.



Sermon – Expiation – Rev. Tom Shelton

Rev. Tom Shelton, retired, brings our message today.
Expiation, The atonement for our sins, Romans 3:22-31 and Isaiah 53:4-6.
All of our happiness was bought with a price. Do you know the price Christ paid for you? Christ satisfied the need for our punishment by going to the cross that we should have died on. He was wounded for our transgressions. God loves us so much he gave his life for us.
What have you done for Christ? Have you been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb?


Steve, Claire, Safia, Mohamen, Donna, Jeff 12142013

Sermon – Sierra Leone Ministry

Join us as Rev. Steve Wilson (retired), his wife Claire, and Jeff Fulp take us on their journey to the village of Ngiehun, Sierra Leone, West Africa. Listen to the sermon describing their experience in Sierra Leone and view the video at……. This is the village led by Moravian Missionary Rev. Mohamed and Safiatu Braima. The 2nd school building of the Moravian Secondary School was dedicated on December 14, 2013.

Children & Youth SS

Sermon – Seeking God’s Direction by Rev. Steve Wilson

Celebrating 19 years of service, 1994 – 2013, Rev. Steve Wilson reflects on where God has moved our church and encourages us to continue observing the Holy Spirit moving in our life. Acts 2:42, John 14:23, Rom 8:9-11, John 15:1-8. We apologize for the static in the recording, but you can hear the message. www.littlechurchonthelane.com/audio/2013.11.03.mp3


Thoughts and Reflections from Pastor Steve

As the time draws near to close my work at Little Church, I have been asked a few questions. One is whether my decision has been a long time coming. God put it on my mind to watch Him work as He prepared me for change. Over the past few years I have been observing the Holy Spirit with greater intensity. I have seen God prepare the church family for change with great leadership and new responses to ministry needs! I have seen my own family situation change and I have also realized my own limitations. Each observation has moved me to realize a pastoral change was coming and it was merely a matter of time. As I leave this position, I am convinced that God is in charge of it all.
Change can be uncomfortable and it brings uncertainty. However, our human uncertainties can be calmed as we trust in the certainty of God’s package of gifts. As to change, my relationships with you at Little Church will not disappear. It is only that the look of them is changing in some ways. I will still offer counseling to those who desire some help with relationships. I still desire to know how you are handling life. And I still desire to be in your prayers as I move through my own changes.
God has a big package of gifts He is offering to Little Church. He doesn’t make changes without providing what is needed. You will see the faith of the church family in how these gifts are used. Those who want to see Little Church continue grow the kingdom of God will take the gifts and use them in ministries within the church while sharing them so unbelievers become new believers. Like the disciples of Jesus, some will respond with fear and look to see where they may find some comfort elsewhere. They won’t realize the gifts God has promised. I say follow God’s words, “be still and know that I am God.” Look beyond the fear response and look to the promise that God’s plans are complete and all we need to do is remain faithful to what He has started.
I look forward to seeing God move in my life as I open this next chapter. I do so with a bit of uncertainty though I say this with some embarrassment. I want to trust completely so I thank God for His patience. Little Church will continue following the Holy Spirit and the path of relying on the scriptures for guidance. I will continue with the same and will always be connected to you in many ways. Let’s see what is in the package of gifts God has waiting for us.

Pastor Steve

Faith, mighty faith the promise sees and rests on that alone: laughs at
impossibilities, and says it shall be done. — Charles Wesley


Sermon – Sharing Your Faith by Rev. Steve Wilson

We are to be witnesses of what Christ has done through us. We are to tell the lessons we have learned and share the good news. Are you ready to represent Christ by sharing the Good News through your story? Acts 1:8



The Church Ephesian Style

Sermon – A Mission Given

What is the mission God has given you? Will you be remembered as an ambassador of Christ, opening doors for the lost to enter His Kingdom? Are you ready to find new life with God and have life eternal? 2 Corinthians 5:17-21



Sermon – Living As A Servant

God has provided us a calling to use our gifts and talents, and to be His servants. We see God moving when we serve. Jesus reveals how we should serve in Phil 2:6-8, and in Phil 2:2-4 He reveals the qualities of being a servant. God relies on us to help him make a difference in the lives of others. Are you a willing servant of God?


Friend With God

Sermon – Friends With God

Friendship with God is sharing all your life experiences with Him. Recommit and surrender yourself to God every day. We have access to God through the Holy Spirit. Practice the presence of God this week. John 15:15



Sermon – Growing a Relationship with God – Rev. Steve Wilson

Luke 15:1-10 shows us Kingdom building. God wants us to be with him every day. Are fear and pride preventing you from grasping God’s hand and following him? God’s love cast out fear and pride. Surrendering to God frees you to do God’s will and brings out the best in you. Open your life to God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Phil 4:13 – we can do everything through God.


God is Love

Sermon – Loving Our Daddy – Rev. Steve Wilson

Do you recognize when God is moving in your life? Matthew 7:9-11 tells us if we ask God will give us gifts greater than we can imagine. Is your relationship with God strong enough for you to obey him completely as Noah did in Gen 6:9-22? Is your heart filled with the love of God?


Fruit of the Spirit Tree

Thoughts and Reflections from Pastor Steve

Have you seen the tree in our Gathering Area? How many churches have a tree in their church? It is a beautiful tree and one which allows us to see God at work. This tree is starting to show where God’s spirit is moving in the people of Little Church on the Lane. This will be seen in the fruit of the Spirit which glorifies God and the way He can move people to live as He desires.
The tree’s fruit will grow as you write on a piece of fruit what you saw or heard when you observed the fruit of the Spirit being shared. The fruit of the Spirit is seen and heard when the Holy Spirit is moving in us. Galatians 15:22 says the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We can’t really do these things on our own. It takes God’s Spirit moving in us for this fruit to be seen. The more we allow the Holy Spirit to guide and live in us, the more fruit we will see and hear.
The kids will be learning about this in Sunday School. We will be having a “fruit moment” each Sunday. The school will be learning about the fruit of the Spirit. In November the kids will come together with the church family to celebrate what has happened over these months. God moves all the time. We just need to observe Him.
Are you aware of the Holy Spirit in you and others? How much are you relying on the Holy Spirit in your everyday life? He promises to guide you as you surrender your way. Each time this happens, you are in close relationship with God. People ask how to know God and His ways. It happens simply by seeking Him everyday through simple prayers and thought. It isn’t hard except that we like to do it our way. Jesus says, “have faith in God.” By letting go He can come into the hardest heart. Try it and see the fruit multiply!
— Pastor Steve


Sermon – Are We Asking Big Enough – Rev. Steve Wilson

In Judges 7 we see Gideon’s faith tested, but he gives God the opportunity to show His power and strength. Are you willing to allow God to show you His power and strength? When was the last time you experienced the hand of God? Matt 17:19-21 – Are you caught up in God or in your stuff: Try God and see what happens in your life. NOTE: There is a 30 sec pause after the message begins.


flipping coin

Sermon – Are You Flipping Coins? – Rev Steve Wilson

God Light

Sermon – Is Your Light Visible? – Rev. Steve Wilson

God shows us who he is by the brightness of his light. Jesus left us his Holy Spirit (His light within us). You are the light of the world. Is your light shining so the people can see God through your deeds? Love One Another as Jesus has loved you. Is your light visible where you are? John 9:5, Matt 5:14-16, Luke 12:49-56.



Sermon – Gathered and Scattered – Rusty Rushing

Join us as we celebrate the Spiritual Birth of the Renewed Moravian Church with Holy Communion. Rusty Rushing, graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, shares how God moved among the early Moravians and how the Holy Spirit descended on this small gathering of Christians to renew their faith and spread the gospel. We have a charge, responsibility and privilege to share the gospel and our story of personal renewal in Christ. Where and how is the Holy Spirit moving you to share the gift you have been given?



Growing a Church or Growing a Kingdom? by Rev Steve Wilson

God loves you and He has shown His love to you through His son Jesus Christ. That is a promise you can hold on to. Are you following Jesus half way, or following Him all the way as He wants you to? It is our responsibility to share with others the great gift of Grace that God has given to us. Are you concerned about the soul sitting next to you? Open yur heart to see the hearts of others who need the Word of God. Matthew 10, John 4:28-34, Matthew 9:35-38.



Sermon – Radical Faith by Rev. Steve Wilson

We are encouraged to live our life through our faith. What is Faith? What does Jesus Christ want us to do? Listen to Rev. Wilson as he explains through the following scriptures: Matt 28:18-20, Phil 1:29, Matt 10:17-23, Matt 10:38-39, Matt 9:37-38, John 15:4, and John 14:23.



Sermon – Knowing God’s Presence

God Sightings – seeing God’s presence through his creation and through the actions of people. Do you get caught up in the world and miss seeing God at work in the world?            1 Kings 19:3-18 teaches us that God will provide what we need – will you listen for his voice? Matthew 7:9-11 – God has gifts he wants to give us. All we have to do is be in relationship with Him to know what to ask for and to believe he will give it. Be a child of God, take His hand and let Him guide you. Do you believe God has what you need? Romans 8:13:13 – Do you have the desire to be in God’s hand as his child?


The Church Ephesian Style

Sermon – Will You Tell Your Story?” – Rev. Steve Wilson

Today Rev. Wilson speaks of ‘God Sightings.” Luke 7:11-17 teaches us through God’s mercy shown to a widow after her only son’s death. In Gal 1:22-24  we learn of Paul’s  conversion and his sharing the truth of Jesus with others. In Mark 5:18-20 Jesus brings a demon out of a man. In all cases the people shared with others what God had done for them. Do you look for or recognize God’s working in your life or your surroundings? Weave the gospel message into everything you do? Will you share your spiritual story?



Sermon – God’s Presence With Us – Rev. Steve Wilson

Let your rejoicing in God be evident to all and in all things. Recognize the Father’s love available to all and go to him in prayer. A relationship with God built through pray brings you the Peace of God. Can you feel God’s presence through the relationship you have built with him? Phil 4:4-7, Matt 7:7-8



Thoughts and Reflections from Pastor Steve

I had the pleasure of being at the beach with my family of children, and grandchildren. We stayed in a cottage on the beach and prepared for all kinds of activities. There was no lack of energy with kids 1 1/2 through 5 years of age.
When we arrived late in the day, we hit the beach. I laughed when I saw the kids on the beach.
They weren’t walking. They were jumping up and down while running. They were waving their arms and yelling to each other. The joy was huge and the smiles large. What fun it was for me to see their joy. What fun it was for them to experience the pure joy that comes with such a time.
I believe this is what God desires for us in our relationship with Him. He wants our spirit of body and soul to be like a child as we come into His presence. As Philippians 4:1 says: “Rejoice in the Lord always.” How come we hold back and become so stiff even in His presence? Philippians also says “don’t be anxious about anything.” This can be true as we realize God is present with us in
all situations. To actually let go and fully trust Him opens the door to rejoice and jump up and down with excitement.
I hope each of you can find a time this summer to stop and rest. It may give time to ponder the joy available to you found in a child-like relationship with God. He desires for us to be so trusting in His love that we can let go and bounce up and down in joy.
Let me know if you find this experience in faith!
Pastor Steve


The Counseling Corner — 05.17.2013

I was reading again one of the many articles I have collected concerning marriage. It is an article called “Your Mate’s Top 10 Needs,” by Ferguson and McMinn. It reminded me that God desires to provide for our needs far more than we can ask for and certainly deserve. Out of our abundance we are then able to give to someone we love. The Gospel of Luke (6:38) even says, “Give and it will be given to you.” At least that is how it is created to work.

 What I have seen in couples is a habit of keeping score. When I give to you I can expect something in return. It’s as if there is a big score board with the count. The giving out of God’s giving is lost because it is all about me. I deserve and therefore I shall receive. The concept of team is forgotten and no one gets their needs met. The desire to love and receive love gets pushed aside. The “leave and cleave” of Genesis calling us to teamwork goes out the window. Negative thoughts towards each other take the place of positive words to be placed in the love bank.

God gives us marriage because we need someone in person to help meet our needs. Looking to God to provide gives us a relationship with God. Looking to our spouse where we can give and receive gives us an intimate relationship, which shows us the nature of love.

So how can you begin a giving relationship? Start by asking your spouse to list their greatest needs. I bet most of us can’t list the top needs of our spouse. Then find out how to meet the needs given. Then start giving. But do so without a scorecard. As Luke says, as you give you will receive. And you will receive more than you thought.

 The article I read gives 10 needs your spouse may list. Here are the 10 listed:

  1.           Acceptance
  2.           Affection
  3.           Appreciation
  4.           Approval
  5.           Attention
  6.           Comfort
  7.           Encouragement
  8.           Respect
  9.           Security
  10.           Support

Begin your giving and see the difference!


Sermon – Your Inner-Spiritual Sanctuary – Rev. Steve Wilson

God requires an intimacy with us greater than that of a mother/child relationship. God creates in us his presence at our creation. Our inner-spiritual sanctuary is prayer. God is waiting for you with a tender love to come to him where you are in life – baggage and all. God burns with a desire to be with you. Does your heart burn with desire to be with Christ? Go to a place where you can shut out the world and be with God.  Matthew 6:6, Hebrews 11:6, Luke 24:30-32



The Counseling Corner 05-03-2013

By Steve Wilson

In today’s world love is described in many ways especially in relationships. There is “love at first sight.” There is “falling in love.” There is also “love is blind.” They are easily said and often used. Unfortunately these phrases do not describe anything about love.

Love is a verb which requires thought, heart, and action. The phrases I used come from initial responses driven by natural drugs of the brain called endorphins. They happen and then disappear though they can last for a long time. When these “tingles” are gone, the eyes open wide. If the love desired is not built on a foundation of thought, heart, and actions, the true love will not appear.

As I work with couples who are preparing for marriage, I see the reactions when they realize that love is a verb. We talk about giving just for the sake of giving. Love is found in how couples disagree so that each person comes away with a sense of value and wholeness. Love is found as each person takes responsibility for their own suitcase of habits and struggles. Love is seen when each person is patient and refuses to point the finger of blame at the other. This takes real love for the other to take this action.

The author of love is God and He gives us the knowledge and strength to share love. All we have to do is realize this and use His love and not our own. He has already shown us His love and He wants us to share it with each other. Thus we hear that “love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast.” (1 Corinthians 13) This is love as a verb which God has given to us and we can give to our loved ones in relationships.


Thoughts and Reflections from Pastor Steve – May 2013

What a great way to worship our Lord as we gathered for the Children’s lovefeast on Sunday. The kids from the school and our kids were part of the service. Our kids and youth were dieners as they served all of us. What a great sight it was!
To me this was part of the church in action. I saw only part of the church in that there were many who helped plan, participate and cheer on the church family. Many helped present this gift to God. It was the best kind of gift because so many were part of the gift. And that is what has been happening at church for many months. There are many more who are part of the ministries of Little Church than ever before.
One of the blessings that comes from a shared ministry is that the Holy Spirit becomes the glue and the energy. Too often the Holy Spirit gets put aside when individuals or small groups of individuals want to be the focus or take control. Yes, there needs to be some planning and coordinating certain details. However, when the goals of individuals become too important and the fruit of the Spirit is lost, there is no gift given to God. He does not
receive the joy of something which presents His love. God has given gifts to a church to be used by His children for His glory. His joy comes when the people come together as one directed by the Holy Spirit.
I believe Little Church is discovering more of the gifts and realizing more of the joy God desires. This will continue to grow as more of us learn to join in the way God sees the church.
Come be part of His plan!
Pastor Steve


Sermon – Going To Worship – Rev. Steve Wilson

Worship our Lord and Savior in spirit and in truth. Present your total self to God in worship. Be in His presence. Bring your spirit and give it to God. Jesus wants us to be filled by Him and worship with Him. Are you allowing God to flow through you in worship? Are you making yourself available in worship to see what the Holy Spirit has for you?
John 4:21-24, Romans 12:1



Sermon – “An Invitation to Us All” – Rev Steve Wilson

Many claim the Easter celebration of Jesus resurrection. Do you believe Jesus resurrection, or is this mere shadows? Do you have conditions to your belief? When will you state your proclamation: “My Lord and My God.” Faith requires action – God wants your honest action upon your belief. Rest in God and let him lead your life. Christ desires to reproduce his life in you. Stop doubting and believe this can happen. John 20:19-31. Worship included Holy Communion.



Thoughts and Reflections from Pastor Steve – April 2013

The Lord is risen. The Lord is risen indeed! This is how we began Easter Sunday. We began inside the sanctuary due to rain, however, a great celebration took place. It was nice to have the band, and the choir was in fine tune. The Lovefeast allowed our worshipers to enjoy a simple meal in good fellowship. This continued as many enjoyed our huge breakfast. One of the additions of the morning was following the Stations of the Cross. Many experienced this to meet Jesus in a personal way. The 11:00 a.m. service was a continuation of the celebration as we heard the bells begin worship and then the music continued. There were many guests who heard the Resurrection Story describing our hope and joy.
So what happens as we move further into the year? One thought is to grow in our faith. That sounds simple enough, however, most would ask “how?” The word faith can be a word which brings confusion. When you sit on a chair you have faith that the chair will do its job. Therefore you relax and enjoy the chair. Our faith in God can be seen in the same way. As we allow God to do His work in us, we can rest in Him and enjoy His presence. That is faith. Andrew Murray says, “Faith is the putting ourselves quietly into God’s hands for Him to do His work.”
Ray Steadman says faith is resting in God by allowing Him to work through our personalities. Thus, faith is doing what Jesus asks us to do. He says that if we will love Him we will obey Him—and He and His Father will come and live in us. So faith is living as Christ asks and He and His Father will provide all the blessings and needs we have as we live in a difficult world.

Faith is resting in God.

Pastor Steve

LC - He Has Risen

Sermon – Meeting Jesus at the Cross – Rev. Steve Wilson

Rev. Steve Wilson continued the Easter celebration in the Worship Service. God loves us so much that He sent has only son to die for our sins so that He could have a relationship with us. When we sin, we sin against God, separating us from Him. God took care of our sin by sending his son, Jesus, to the Cross to die in our place. How is your relationship with God? By faith, put yourself quietly into God’s hands allowing His power to work through you to do his work. Gal 2:20


LC - He Has Risen

Easter Sunrise Service – Rev. Steve Wilson

The faithful Christians gathered on a rainy morning in the sanctuary of Little Church On The Lane to pray the Easter liturgy and proclaim The Lord is Risen. The Lord is Risen Indeed! Rev. Steve Wilson led the liturgy and the brass band played chorales throughout the service. Dieners served a Lovefeast – a simple meal shared by believers in Jesus Christ. The celebration of Jesus’ resurrection after his crucifixion on Good Friday is the core of Christianity’s theology.


LC - Palm Sunday

Sermon – The King is Here – Rev. Steve Wilson

Jesus, The King, enters Jerusalem at the same time Hebrews are gathering to celebrate Passover and some of the Pharisees are plotting to kill Him. Jesus was received and proclaimed The King, but Jesus knows the people don’t understand his kingship. God has faith in you and wants you to enjoy it. What is your response to Him? Hosanna – Save Now – That can be our cry. Luke 19:28-40, John 12:16, Phil 2:1-11, 1 Peter 1:3-9



Sermon – A Prayer of Eternal Life – Rev Steve Wilson

Rev. Wilson concludes the Lenten series today with his teaching of John 17:24-25. Jesus wants us to be with him wherever he is. This requires a close relationship with Jesus. Jesus wants us to see his glory, the glory he had in the beginning. Can you only imagine what it will be like to be in heaven with Jesus? Jesus is living his life through us. Where is Jesus in your life today? John 14:2, 21, 23   www.littlechurchonthelane.com/audio/2013.03.17.mp3


Sermon – A Prayer of Continued Relationship – Rev Steve Wilson

Rev. Wilson continues the Lenten series in John 17:20-23. Jesus Christ is praying for us in a very special way, as He is preparing for His death. He is praying that we come together with the Son & Father and recognize the love He has for us – a love more than we can imagine.




Sermon – A Savior’s Prayer for His Children – Rev Steve Wilson

In Jesus prayer for his disciples he is praying for you and me too. He wants us to have the same joy he has – the joy of his Father – an internal sense of joy that brings peace. A firm relationship with the Father helps us resist temptation, just as it helped Jesus resist Satan. John 17:13-19, John 15:11, John 15:3. Recording not available due to technical difficulties. www.littlechurchonthelane.com/audio/2013.03.03.mp3


Sermon – A Shepherd’s Prayer for His Flock – Rev. Steve Wilson

Jesus turns his disciples over to God after giving them a foundation to move forward, carrying the gospel to all nations. God has given us a foundation of faith through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will be seen and glorified through our ministry and sharing the gospel with others. We can draw upon the same power given to the disciples through Jesus Christ. John 17:6-12, John 3:16, John 15, Ephesians 3:20. www.littlechurchonthelane.com/audio/2013.02.24.mp3

Sermon – A Son’s Prayer of Trust — Rev. Steve Wilson

We begin a new Lenten series this week with John 17. Rev Wilson will focus on Christ’s intercessory pray to the Father. This prayer is for himself, his disciples, and us. Jesus came to teach us to how to live and to build a relationship with us so He could return to the Father. Allow God to work and be seen in you. Ask God to help you let go and surrender your life to Christ. John 17:1-5, John 16:28,32; Phil 2:6,8   www.littlechurchonthelane.com/audio/2013.02.17.mp3


Being a Weaver of the Gospel – Rev. Steve Wilson

Join us today as Rev. Wilson guides us through sharing the Gospel. When was the last time you shared your spiritual story with someone? How do you respond to what God gives you when you ask? Do you receive His gift? Matt 4:18-22, Mark 6:6-13, Acts 1:8, Luke 11:1-13.



Sermon – “Seeing the Church As An Imitator of God” Rev Steve Wilson

When we become a new person in Christ we have a relationship with Him in everything we do, not just here on earth, but in heaven too.

It is possible through the Holy Spirit to be a sweet smelling fragrance to God. Grace cleans us up, allowing us to imitate God.

Are you providing a sweet smell to God?



Sermon – “Getting Used to God’s Way” Rev. Steve Wilson

This is the 4th lesson in a 5-part series of “God’s Picture of the Church”, Ephesians 4.

A grace-filled life brings us together. Our maturity in the faith keeps us from being tossed around by the world having it’s way with us. Your old self can prevent you from growing in your faith – put it off and in it’s place renew your mind. Are we mindful of when our old self gets in the way of us hearing the Holy Spirit reveal to us what God wants us to know?

Eph 4:20-24.



Thoughts and Reflections — Feb. 2013

It is a beautiful sight to see when one of God’s creations acts in the way it is created to act. This goes for the church too. There are too many churches today acting in a way which is contrary to God’s picture of His church. Ephesians describes God’s picture of the Church. And when it is followed it works.

I am struck by the church’s struggle to follow God’s call to some sort of “acts of service.” This is God’s way of helping us to experience the sharing of humility, gentleness, patience, and bearing with one another in love. It is in our acts of service we see that we can’t share these qualities unless we rely on God. We can’t do it on our own. We must rely on the Holy Spirit and seek a personal relationship in Christ. He will show us how as we surrender enough to see Him at work. This brings us together as we realize we are all helpless on our own. The Church can “be built up until we all reach unity in the faith.” (vs 13) Ephesians 4 tells the Church that it can only grow as it “builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” (vs 16) Again, we must rely on God’s spirit for this love to be present. Thus our prayer needs to be: “Lord, melt us together into one by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Young, P 1072). This love calls for us to have humility, gentleness and patience. Only by allowing our old self to be replaced by a new self guided by Christ will this happen.

What would Little Church look like if we would grow up in love? What would Little Church look like if we showed humility, patience and gentleness in all of our acts of service? I believe those who struggle with being connected to the church would find their God-desired place. Our prayers would be fully received and new hope would be seen. The essentials would be valued and the non-essentials would find their proper place. The Body, the Church, would provide a message so loud and strong it could not be lost.

—Pastor Steve


Sermon – I Can’t Believe It Really Works!

Rev. Wilson continues the study in Ephesians 4:14-16.

The Holy Spirit provides us with acts of service to come together as believers to build up the church in unity in faith. Being grounded in the Word gives us a solid foundation so we will not be bounced around with doubts.

We must allow God’s love to flow through us so we can extend love to others. The church is made up of sinners who are forgiven and receive grace.



Sermon: God’s Method – It Isn’t What I Thought

Ephesians 4:11-13 & Romans 5:5 

God tells us about loving one another before he tells us about the Holy Spirit. We will experience God’s love when we serve others.

Are you ready to stop missing out on experiencing God’s qualities of humility, love, patience and kindness?

Absolute surrender to Christ allows the Holy Spirit to work through you and have fullness of maturity in Jesus Christ.


Sermon – How to Be With Those People

Ephesians 4:1-6

This sermon begins a 5-week series from Ephesians 4.

How does God want us to live a lift worthy of our calling? We were called by God to live our life with Him. He desires every one of us just as we are – no one is left out. In absolute surrender, God wants to help us. Trust God, listen to Him and go where he takes you.


Sermon Series “God’s Picture of the Church” Eph 4

The Board of Little Church on the Lane met for a retreat to begin the New Year. As part of the agenda we read and focused on Ephesians 4. This is a chapter where Paul gives us a window to see into God’s picture of the Church.

So many of us have our own picture of the Church and how it should be lived. Unfortunately our view doesn’t work and it isn’t God’s view. No wonder we get upset with someone or something contrary to our view. People can get their feelings hurt, react in a huff and some even leave. Their thought then becomes, “where can I find a church which doesn’t upset me?”

During our time before Lent, which is February 17, the sermons will be looking through Paul’s window of the Church of Ephesians 4. He described everything from the qualities we need to deal with each other to methods of how we can grow using God’s methods and not our own.

Listed are the titles and verses we will use to learn together. At the end we will hope to be “imitators of God.” (Ephesians 5:1) An important thing to remember is that God will do the work. We just need to make ourselves available and surrender our way to His way.

Please join me on Sunday mornings and if for some good reason you are gone from the worship service, please listen to the message on our website at: www.littlechurchonthelane.com.

January 13                        Ephesians 4:1-6 – “How to be with those people”

January 20                        Ephesians 4:11-13 – God’s method: It isn’t what I thought

January 27                        Ephesians 4:14-15 – I can’t believe it really works!

February 3                        Ephesians 4:20-24 – Getting used to God‘s way

February 10                      Ephesians 4:25-5:2 – Seeing the Church as an imitator of God

Sermon – Peace Found Now, Not Later

How can we celebrate Christmas in a world of sin and tragedy? God works for the good to keep us in relationship with him. Put to death the old nature and live in the new nature led by Christ. Let go of your way and live the God way. Romans 8:9-11, 1-14, 15-17, 26-27, 28, Luke 2:11-14, Matt 11:28-30